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ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine

ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine. Ed. Peter Cantillon, Linda Hutchinson & Diana Wood. BMJ Books. 2003.

A compact well-laid out book covering all the major aspects of learning and teaching in medicine.  Separate chapters cover:

applying educational theory in practic
curriculum design
problem based learning
teaching large groups
teaching small groups
one to one teaching and feedback
learning and teaching in the clinical environment
written assessment
skill based assessment
work based assessment
educational environment
web based learning
creating teaching materials
Explanatory charts, diagrams, tables and colour images add to the easy readability of the book.

Highly recommended for academic staff.


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Advanced Critical Care Nursing

Advanced Critical Care Nursing. Ed. Karen K Carlson. American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Saunders. 2009.

Very well designed book on critical care nursing that medical students and medical officers would also find interesting.  Well illustrated in colour. Multiple and useful tables.

Strong on pharmacological aspects of critical care management. Supported by evidence-based annotations, case studies and research utilisation boxes.  Well referenced.

Highly recommended.

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Evidence-Based Endocrinology.

Evidence-Based Endocrinology. Victor M Montori (ed). Humana Press. 2008.

A collection of essays that address evidence-based medicine in the context of the practice of  endocrinology. The first section of the book looks at the history, philosophy  and practice of evidence-based medicine. This is followed by sections on Research Evidence for Evidence-Based Endocrine Practice and Case Studies in Evidence-Based Practice. Useful to postgraduates and faculty.

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Diabetes. A Handbook for the Primary Healthcare Team.

Diabetes. A Handbook for the Primary Healthcare Team.

McDowell,  Matthews, Brown. Churchill-Livingstone. 2007.

Clearly written book on management of diabetes mellitus in the primary care setting. Clear recommendations and good references. Illustrated with short clinical cases. Useful for medical, pharmacy and nursing students. Only a few illustrations in B/W.

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Endocrinology. An Integrated Approach.

Endocrinology. An Integrated Approach.

Stephen Nussey and Saffron Whitehead. Bios Scientific Publishers Ltd. 2001.

An early attempt to provide an integrated approach to endocrinology. Lots of clinical cases within chapters. Other cases at end of chapters but answers not provided. Associated website no longer available (?). Although dated, the book is still useful.

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Integrated Basic Sciences

Integrated Basic Sciences. PreTest Self-Assessment and Review. Earl J. Brown. McGraw-Hill. 1999.

453 clinical vignettes, each followed by three multiple choice questions covering the anatomy of a concept, normal function and abnormal function. Meant for students preparing for USMLE Steps 1 and 2. Other students in preclinical studies will find the book useful in revision. The cases cover eight organ systems and are well selected. I think more questions could have been incorporated following each clinical vignette.

Only borrowed thrice in past four years.

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