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100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics

The above is the title of a blog post from Academics who recognise the increasing popularity of Twitter can find new and exciting ways to incorporate Twitter into the interactive learning activities from the short summaries posted in this blog.

A lunchtime learning resources dept workshop on Twitter is scheduled 3 weeks from today. It will be open to academic staff and students.

This is a good place to get yourself prepared for the workshop.


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ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine

ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine. Ed. Peter Cantillon, Linda Hutchinson & Diana Wood. BMJ Books. 2003.

A compact well-laid out book covering all the major aspects of learning and teaching in medicine.  Separate chapters cover:

applying educational theory in practic
curriculum design
problem based learning
teaching large groups
teaching small groups
one to one teaching and feedback
learning and teaching in the clinical environment
written assessment
skill based assessment
work based assessment
educational environment
web based learning
creating teaching materials
Explanatory charts, diagrams, tables and colour images add to the easy readability of the book.

Highly recommended for academic staff.

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E-Learning by Design. William Horton

E-Learning by Design. William Horton. Pfieffer. 2007.

Excellent book on application of instructional design to e-learning. Clear enough to be valuable even to beginners in this area. Well illustrated by clear black-and-white illustrations. Associated with a companion website.

The use of technology to create learning experiences, instructions on creating tests and other assessments, use of learning objects and learning objectives are all well covered.  Includes information on designing learning games and simulations.

William Horton is President of William Horton Consulting which specialises in e-learning activities. The companion website offers e-learning tools for sale.

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