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Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics. Klieman, Marcdante, Jenson, Behrman. Elsevier Saunder. 5e. 2006.

Useful book for medical students and junior paediatric doctors. Focuses on normal growth and development and on the diagnosis, management and prevention of common childhood diseases and disorders. Purchase of the book entitles the buyer to the complete text and illustrations from the book online at Allows content clipping to PDAs. Also provides buyer one year access to, the online version of Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics.

The book covers the core curriculum of the medical school pediatric clerkship.

Good layout. Could use more illustrations and radiological images. Otherwise a very useful textbook for medical students. An alternative to Lissauer and Clayden’s Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics.

Nelson Essentials of Pediatrics


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ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine

ABC of Learning and Teaching in Medicine. Ed. Peter Cantillon, Linda Hutchinson & Diana Wood. BMJ Books. 2003.

A compact well-laid out book covering all the major aspects of learning and teaching in medicine.  Separate chapters cover:

applying educational theory in practic
curriculum design
problem based learning
teaching large groups
teaching small groups
one to one teaching and feedback
learning and teaching in the clinical environment
written assessment
skill based assessment
work based assessment
educational environment
web based learning
creating teaching materials
Explanatory charts, diagrams, tables and colour images add to the easy readability of the book.

Highly recommended for academic staff.

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Advanced Critical Care Nursing

Advanced Critical Care Nursing. Ed. Karen K Carlson. American Association of Critical Care Nurses. Saunders. 2009.

Very well designed book on critical care nursing that medical students and medical officers would also find interesting.  Well illustrated in colour. Multiple and useful tables.

Strong on pharmacological aspects of critical care management. Supported by evidence-based annotations, case studies and research utilisation boxes.  Well referenced.

Highly recommended.

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E-Learning by Design. William Horton

E-Learning by Design. William Horton. Pfieffer. 2007.

Excellent book on application of instructional design to e-learning. Clear enough to be valuable even to beginners in this area. Well illustrated by clear black-and-white illustrations. Associated with a companion website.

The use of technology to create learning experiences, instructions on creating tests and other assessments, use of learning objects and learning objectives are all well covered.  Includes information on designing learning games and simulations.

William Horton is President of William Horton Consulting which specialises in e-learning activities. The companion website offers e-learning tools for sale.

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Anatomy and Physiology.

Anatomy and Physiology from Science to Life. Jenkins, Kemnitz & Tortora. John Wiley. 2007.

Excellent book for the study of anatomy and physiology. Each chapter starts with concepts, is beautifully illustrated, includes case studies and checkpoint questions and ends with a helpful summary. A companion DVD adds value to the book and is well integrated with the book. The case studies are well selected and problems are discussed in more depth than most other books of this genre.

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How to Write a Thesis. Rowena Murray.

How to write a thesis. 2e. Rowena Murray. OpenUP. 2006.

Rowena Murray is a Reader in the Dept of Educational and Professional Studies at the University of Strathclyde who has developed a Thesis Writing Course. She is also author of How to Survive your Viva and Writing for Academic Journals, both published by OpenUP. Addresses the needs of PhD and Masters candidates as well as those of undergraduate research projects. Incorporates tips and techniques, summaries and checklists.

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Writing for Academic Journals. Rowena Murray.

Writing for Scientific Journals. Rowena Murray. OpenUP. 2005.

Another book by this author (Reader in the Centre for Academic Practice at the University of Strathclyde) who has also written How to Write a Thesis, and How to Survive Your Viva.
Chapters include:
Why write for academic journals?
Targeting a Journal
Finding a topic and developing an argument
Outlining. Drafting. Revising.
Responding to reviewers feedback

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Evidence-Based Endocrinology.

Evidence-Based Endocrinology. Victor M Montori (ed). Humana Press. 2008.

A collection of essays that address evidence-based medicine in the context of the practice of  endocrinology. The first section of the book looks at the history, philosophy  and practice of evidence-based medicine. This is followed by sections on Research Evidence for Evidence-Based Endocrine Practice and Case Studies in Evidence-Based Practice. Useful to postgraduates and faculty.

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Diabetes. A Handbook for the Primary Healthcare Team.

Diabetes. A Handbook for the Primary Healthcare Team.

McDowell,  Matthews, Brown. Churchill-Livingstone. 2007.

Clearly written book on management of diabetes mellitus in the primary care setting. Clear recommendations and good references. Illustrated with short clinical cases. Useful for medical, pharmacy and nursing students. Only a few illustrations in B/W.

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Endocrinology. An Integrated Approach.

Endocrinology. An Integrated Approach.

Stephen Nussey and Saffron Whitehead. Bios Scientific Publishers Ltd. 2001.

An early attempt to provide an integrated approach to endocrinology. Lots of clinical cases within chapters. Other cases at end of chapters but answers not provided. Associated website no longer available (?). Although dated, the book is still useful.

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