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Free Medical Journal: Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)

The following is a link to a meta-analysis on Problem-Based Learning. The same issue has other interesting articles on medical education.


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Free Medical Journal: Annals Academy of Medicine Singapore

Two articles in the most recent issue that you may find interesting:

Epidemiology and Control of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Singapore, 2001-2007

Qualitative Physician Competencies: Are They Neglected?

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Integrated Basic Sciences

Integrated Basic Sciences. PreTest Self-Assessment and Review. Earl J. Brown. McGraw-Hill. 1999.

453 clinical vignettes, each followed by three multiple choice questions covering the anatomy of a concept, normal function and abnormal function. Meant for students preparing for USMLE Steps 1 and 2. Other students in preclinical studies will find the book useful in revision. The cases cover eight organ systems and are well selected. I think more questions could have been incorporated following each clinical vignette.

Only borrowed thrice in past four years.

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Problem-based Microbiology

Problem-based Microbiology. Swapan K. Nath & Sanjay G. Revankar. 2006. Saunders Elsevier.

A case-based approach to teaching microbiology by staff of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  Book consists of 3 parts: 91 case-based problems consisting of the case description (clinical scenario with presenting features, clinical findings, laboratory studies, differential diagnoses and course) and an overview of the underlying condition. Each case is 2-4 pages in length. Well illustrated.  Book also includes several useful appendices and 254 multiple choice questions in clinical vignette format. Recommended for medical students and practising doctors.

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